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Looking to create an innovative and productive space right in the heart of your backyard? Looking to enhance your garden and promote a healthy and fun lifestyle for your family? Extreme-V offers the most innovative and creative playground equipment on the South African market! Extreme-V is Johannesburg’s most specialised and sough-after designer and manufacturer of wooden playground equipment, jungle gym accessories, wooden decks and lapas. If you are looking to create and enchanting space on your own property, the Extreme-V team has the ability to bring your unique vision to life. We will provide you with stylish, safe and cost-effective jungle gyms, ensuring memorable moments with your family.

Established in 2003, Extreme-V set its sights on becoming the jungle gym supply and manufacture leader in South Africa. We quickly achieved this goal and are proud to offer a comprehensive line of individual and dynamic play sets. All of our unique play sets come with reliable merchandising support and we consistently offer new and innovative products every season. Our imagination and skill knows no bounds and we continue to expand our product range. Our clients know, that with us, they have a multitude of great products to look forward to!

Due to our success and well respected name within the industry, we supply our primary jungle gym product lines that include: wooden swing sets and climbing units, throughout Africa. Our superior products can be found throughout the African continent, in DIY stores; building supply retailers and hardware and garden supply stores. In 2009, the Extreme-V team solidified its leading market position by creating a unique and patented connection bracket system. This allows for a swing to be constructed economically and safely. It is this business initiative that will continually help us set the standard for service excellence in the industry.

The products that we at Extreme-V offer, include
  • Jungle Gyms
  • Jungle Gym Accessories
  • Lapas and Thatch
  • Timber and Poles

We guarantee that the products offered by Extreme-V are of the highest standards. We offer safety, simplicity and all of our products are highly flexible in offerings.

The Extreme-V jungle gym products offer:

Safety is our number one priority! Child safety is imperative to the design and manufacture of our jungle gyms and jungle gym equipment and jungle gym accessories. Every jungle gym and jungle gym product has been constructed with close attention to safety. All of our kits are made up of components that contribute to safety, these components include: handgrips, bolt caps and strong ground anchors.


Our Jungle Gym DIY kits are made to allow for simple assembly. The jungle gym sets that we offer include connection brackets, spade bits, drills and all other important parts that are required for construction. You are given the tools to complete an entire play set in your garden. The step by step instructions that we offer are highly detailed, easy to read and make the building process a fun and simple experience that the entire family can partake in and enjoy!


All of the jungle gym play sets that we offer are designed to be customised. They all come with a wide variety of accessory options and offer room for expansion.

Enjoy constructing your play set and let your family partake in the fun. Create a space that encourages play, exercise and productivity in your own home! Extreme-V offers your children a safe place to play, make use of their imagination and indulge in outside activities. Embrace the fun with Extreme-V Jungle Gyms, Timber & Poles!

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